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A Carolina vacation provides Ohioans colorful birds, tasty seafood and sunny weather
The hot, sunny shores of South Carolina have long held a magical appeal for Ohioans seeking a vacation from the cool, wet springs of the Midwest.
Clear evidence of this can be found in the plethora of license plates from the Buckeye State on the Carolina roads and parking lots, and in the chance meetings of fellow Ohioans wearing Cavs, Indians and Browns T-shirts.
But the Carolina coast and the surrounding Low Country region near Charleston also can provide an especially exciting opportunity for Ohio birders.
My family has been visiting this part of South Carolina for nearly 30 years, and most recently for a week at the Kiawah Island Resort the first week of June.
The beaches , pine woodlands and brackish swamps of the area provide habitat for dozens of bird species seldom found in Ohio. And as a reward, the ocean waters are rich with shrimp caught daily by boats typically mobbed by gulls and pelicans, and…