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We're Back!

Welcome back to the official return of Aerial View, the birding column I wrote weekly for The Plain Dealer for more than 11 years.
Unfortunately, changes in the newspaper world took precedent, and the new editor decided Aerial View wasn’t attracting a sufficient number of “clicks” online, so he killed it about three years ago.
That opinion conflicted with my previous editors, Doug Clifton and Tom O'Hara – two of the best in the country – who weren’t birders but appreciated the vital nature of the niche readership that Aerial View attracted.
Jump ahead to March 1, when I retired from The PD after 27-plus years of service. Suddenly, a door was opened to continue my career with the exciting opportunity to write a new birding blog for the growing numbers of enlightened birders and lovers of the outdoors.
I look forward to sharing that love with you on a regular basis for many years to come.
To kick off the introduction of Aerial View Redux, here is a preview of an upcoming …